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The Ad Career You Are Meant to Have: Video Series

Advice for planning an amazing advertising career

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It may seem to those still in college that thinking about your whole career before you even have your first job is a bit overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be. Putting some time into thinking about the kind of career you want makes it easier to see which entry level jobs can lead you there. Watch this series of webisodes, "The Ad Career You Are Meant to Have," to learn the steps you should take to start your ad career on the right path and plan for success.

Episode 1: Defining Your Potential

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Episode 2: Success Doesn't Happen By Chance

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Episode 3: Establish a Career Goal About You

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Episode 4: Maximize Your Marketability

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Episode 5: Avoid Pitfalls and Grow Your Skills

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Job Propulsion Lab has a simple mission: Help people have the advertising career they're meant to have. By designing a career plan customized to the individual and offering training by working professionals, our clients avoid the wrong career path during the crucial, early stage of their careers.

Whether you begin at a premier ad or digital agency, or at companies such as Google Labs, Apple or Facebook, Job Propulsion Lab is an important tool you need for career success in the rapidly changing advertising industry.

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