Miles Nadal Gifts His 2009 Reading List in an Engraved Crate

MDC Partners CEO Sends New Year Wishes in Style

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I don't know about your office, but Ad Age didn't make out so well with the holiday swag this year. In olden days we'd be reinforcing our cubicles with tins of King Leo peppermint bark well into March. Now, reporters are fighting over broken slivers of white chocolate. With raisins. But if the four wooden crates hauled through the doors of Crain Communications today are any indication, profligacy is back in 2010.

Each box, accompanied by two rope handles to assist with its 18-pound heft, bears the engraved letters "MDC." Inside, seven books and a signed letter from MDC Partners CEO Miles Nadal: "Here is a small collection of books that made the year great for me and are valued additions to my library. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have." A small collection, in an 18-pound customized crate. Finally, someone who isn't sparing expense!

Anyway, Nadal's capsule is a well-curated story of love, loss and hope, like most biz headlines from 2009: Harold Evans' "My Paper Chase"; Randy Pausch's "The Last Lecture"; Andrew Ross Sorkin's "Too Big to Fail"; David Faber's "And Then the Roof Caved In"; Joe Scarborough's "The Last Best Hope"; and, lest you were questioning the pull of celebrity in 2010, Ivanka Trump's "The Trump Card." Oh, and "Baked In," the creative credo by Crispin honcho Alex Bogusky and former Crispin honcho John Winsor. Because why not toss an author from your most profitable shop into the best-selling bunch? Read Ad Age's review of Bogusky's book here. And here's to a more extravagant new year in advertising.

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