Back to the Future: Laermer Revisits 'Trendspotting' Territory in '2011'

Polarizing PR Vet Shows You How to Put Your Best Futurist Forward

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Kudos to Richard Laermer, author of popular biz guides "Trendspotting" and "Punk Marketing," for persuading publisher McGraw-Hill to throw his latest batch of forecasts, titled "2011: Trendspotting for the Next Decade," on the interweb, completely gratis.

We took a trip through the hardcover version earlier this spring, following its March release, and can attest the content is 100% classic Laermer -- that is, a mix of dry humor, self-aggrandizement and social commentary diced into bite-sized chapters that don't rely on academic research as much as his own partisan feelings and personal dislikes. But it does make for some great debate. Here, Laermer laments the dull fate of the 2000s, which he sees as the first decade in history to have been "about nothing."

The titular "2011" is our next best hope, a clean slate to correct the mediocrity that's leaked into our everyday lives. While the book is rife with Laermer's trademark irreverence -- clay icon Gumby is our mascot on this futuristic journey, and I've got no idea why -- it's sobering to read the author's take on cultural fallout since the "generation that invented hype has finally come of age."

Read the book and tell us which of these 70-plus prophecies you think are sure bets -- or misses.

(Then check out Laermer's rant on The Huffington Post about how we got so damn mediocre in the first place.)
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