Finding 'The She Spot' More Important Than You Thought

New How-to Claims Women Are Most Influential (and Impressionable) Consumer Category

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While "The She Spot" may have all the makings of summer chick lit -- a tongue-in-cheek title, a blonde cover model who recalls one of Roy Lichtenstein's comic-book damsels -- this isn't your typical beach reading. "The She Spot" is actually a marketing text, a combination of research findings and soapbox rallying that aims to show women aren't just a niche group of commercial targets who feed on pink websites and references to Carrie Bradshaw -- they are the group behind this country's most important consumer and voter decisions. The titular "she spot" is the "Eureka!" button for brand and campaign strategists, a perfect blend of heart and head guaranteed to touch home with any woman, regardless of race or age.

Authors Lisa Witter, exec VP and chief operating officer of Fenton Communications (and former contestant on the Showtime reality-TV series "American Candidate"), and Lisa Chen divide their manual into four acts -- "Care," "Connect," "Cultivate" and "Control" -- though it remains unclear whether this formula alone can commandeer a loyal female audience.

I read "The She Spot" and appreciated its basic tips for marketing to women -- "Keep it simple" and "Give her details" are examples. But I couldn't help chuckle at the irony of a book that promises the most effective means of persuading the female market is by not targeting them as women, or by not creating stereotypical offerings just because it's a female audience. As Ms. Witter concludes, "All issues are women's issues."

Good fodder for discussion that's sure to hit some He Spots along the way.

Watch Ms. Witter and Ms. Chen discuss themes from "The She Spot" here.
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