Getting 'Baked' With Alex Bogusky

New Manifesto Suggests Coupling Marketing With Design to Create Products That Sell Themselves

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While Alex Bogusky's "Baked In" shares a culinary nod with his last book, "The 9-Inch 'Diet'," it's unlikely to stir up the same levels of controversy. Of course, dishing advice on portion control seemed a strange outlet for an agency honcho who counts Burger King as a client. But the press ate up the irony, and excerpts from the book were splashed across the pages of People magazine and other mainstream media. "Baked In" is a more sedate affair, a call for action informed by Mr. Bogusky's background as a creator.

Co-written by John Winsor, Crispin's executive director of strategy and innovation, this manifesto of sorts argues companies who pair consumer feedback and research with product design are rewarded with a product that can sell itself, meaning stronger market penetration at a fraction of the paid media. More importantly, the product retains the same message and target user from creation to distribution.

Mr. Bogusky and Mr. Winsor recounted their rules for a brighter marketing future during the book's release party Wednesday night at Michael's, a fitting venue for discussing the art of the sell. Between rounds of shrimp rolls, steak tartare and the occasional cupcake--with that title, how could they not--the authors stressed the importance of digital technologies in leading consumer involvement, and ability to shave months off the production process. (This inevitably led to murmurs about a recent Crispin acquisition, the mythical 3D printer.) One guest asked whether the book's pale blue cover and end-of-chapter "recipes," which replace the biz-book standard of bullet points, meant the authors had taken inspiration from Martha Stewart.

"More like Cheech and Chong," Mr. Bogusky said.

You can flip through some of these recipes over at the "Baked In" blog, or follow the conversation on Twitter (@bakedin) with hashtag #bakedin.

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