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Marcello Serpa, Creative Director, Almap BBDO

The work won't be brilliant; Argentina will win at least three Gold Lions in TV; the British will complain about too many countries in the jury; PS2 Ratchet & Klank could win the Grand Prix; FedEx will get a Gold; and I hope nobody will give a Lion to the iPod campaign just because we all love the product. The best party: Young Creatives, definitely.

Paul Woolmington, CEO, Media Kitchen

We will see a lot more experiential media cropping up. More to the point, we'll get lots more entries defying categorization; for example, the adidas Tokyo billboard, from TBWA, with the live soccer players will do really well, but what is it? Is it out of home? Is it performance art? The other example I would cite that defies categorization is the Sega ESPN game, the "Beta 7" campaign from W+K/N.Y. Again, the question is, What is it? Blogs, websites, e-mails, viral, word of mouth, chat rooms-how the hell do you categorize that? So, overall, I predict a big resurgence of experiential media types.

Mark Tutssel, CCO, Leo Burnett USA

Unfortunately, I don't think we have a John West "Bear" or Honda "Cog" going into this year's show. But there is a lot of good work. The winners could come from the following: Sony PS2 "Mountain" (This will also win the Lion for Best Music); Sony PS2 "Ratchet & Klank," "Tractor Beam" and "Gravity Bomb"; Nike "Musical Chairs"; adidas "Wakeup Call"; Bud Light "Mr. Silent Killer Gas Passer"; John Smith's "Showstopper"; Tooheys Extra Dry "Quest"; Sega "Beta 7" will win an Interactive Media Lion. So fresh. The best party will be the Publicis party at Palais Bulles.

Interestingly, both P&G and McDonald's are attending Cannes this year in force. They both want to win Gold. McDonald's last won Gold in television in 2001, for the "99p" campaign, "Plumber," "Estate Agent" and "Hansen". P&G knows it has to move from the rational to the emotional arena to win at Cannes. Cannes is a barometer of the creative health of our industry. It is a global celebration of the very best work in our business. Great work inspires.

Kevin Roddy, ECD, Euro RSCG MVBMS/Cannes Juror

First of all, there is a print campaign out of TBWA/Singapore that I absolutely love, and I think it'll play very well to the international jury at Cannes. It's for a client called Sphere. It's simple, it's very visual and it's executed to perfection. I can't say enough about it, and I think it'll be a Gold winner. I also think a huge winner will be the Matt Vescovo's TV campaign for MTV. It's brilliant, and it will certainly win Gold. I also love a single print ad done for The Economist out of O&M/Singapore. As many great ads that have been done for this client over the many years of that campaign, you'd think more greatness would be hard to come by. But this one is close to the top of the all-time Economist list for me. It's called "Brain," and it's a shot of many Economist magazines standing on end but shot from above, to form the shape of a brain. You have to see it, because it's executed flawlessly.

Another idea that I think will do incredibly well is the "Beta 7" Sega/ESPN work. I call it an "idea," because I'm not sure where it'll be categorized at Cannes. But wherever it is put, it should win big. It pushes the envelope in a big way and I love the thinking behind it. However, I also think there may be some controversy about it, simply from the standpoint of where it should be categorized. I do think Cannes has learned a lot about this from BMW Films, but this takes the "where does this fit" idea even further. And because of that, I'm not sure everyone will know what to do with it. Judging is a very difficult thing, and I think this problem will be amplified with an international jury. But it deserves to win big, so I'm predicting it will.

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