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ULI BECKER, adidas

What's your favorite pair of adidas?

I wear running shoes (GCS trail and _1) and heritage sneakers in the office, and the shoe of my heart is the Predator Pulse Football (but I don't play football anymore, I only look at it).

What kind of sports do you play?

I've played football and tennis all my life, I was a track athlete and I've finished a couple of marathons. But that was before I turned fat.


What's your favorite Xbox game?

Halo 2. My second favorite game is Halo.

In case we want to challenge you online, what handle do you go by?

I'd rather not disclose my gamertag :)

BOB STOHRER, Virgin Mobile

What cellphone do you carry?

Virgin Mobile Slider Sonic.

What's your preferred ringtone?

"Dare" by Gorillaz.

What ringtone would you like to have?

"I Don't Think Anybody Anticipated the Breach of the Levees, Yeah, Yeah," by George W. Bush.

Where's the most embarrassing place your phone has gone off?

In my pants, on vibrate.

What's your favorite recent ad (not your own)?

Nike's Tiger Woods/British Open spot.

RUSS KLEIN, Burger King

What's your favorite BK menu item?

Double Whopper, cheese and lettuce only.

What's your favorite Coq Roq song?

"Bob Your Head."

What's your favorite sports team?

The Ohio State Football Buckeyes.

Who's your favorite historical king?


What's your favorite recent ad (not your own)?

iPod "Silhouettes." (Great product, great consumer insight, AND great ads.)

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