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1. We open with a little panda dancing in a field with his beloved can of Lungo. Lungo promotes world peace and universal love. By drinking Lungo you are contributing to a Global Brotherhood of Man. Little Pandas love Lungo more than anything in the world, and they love everything. A lot. 100% FACT. That's science. Music: Carpenters soundalike.

2. We cut to a horde of Genghis Khan kittens charging towards the camera, howling and chanting in Mongolian. They want Lungo! They will stop at nothing! They want YOUR Lungo! In today's uncertain world, our consumers are worried by the faceless enemy lurking out there in a sinister way. We give that enemy a face-it is a horde of rampaging Mongol Kittens, and they want Lungo! Music: Extreme Death Thrash Metal, in Mongolian.

3. What chance does our Panda stand? He'll be pillaged without mercy! But wait, what's this? He's taking a swig of his Lungo!

4. KASPUNG! Our little Panda metamorphoses into a Mighty Doom Pirate of Justice! Lungo has made him indomitable! Lungo is not just about world peace, it is also about security through strength. The goodness of Lung in Lungo will ensure the children of today grow strong enough to defend us against the barbarian horde when they grow. Lungo will save us. Lungo cannot be defeated. Lungo will destroy all who question its mighty powers. Lungo must be obeyed. Lungo is ALL POWERFUL. By drinking Lungo you are defeating the forces of darkness.

5. Product shot, and hammering home Lungo's real selling point-No lung from kittens or puppies, GUARANTEED! Background audio of bloodcurdling screams, rending, tearing flesh and the splut of organs hitting the floor as our Lungo-enhanced Panda of Peace shreds the entire Mongol Kitten Horde with his teeth.

6. Closeup of Lungo Peace Panda's face screaming into the screen-"DRINK LUNGO! DRINK LUNGO! DRINK LUNGO! DRINK LUNGO! DRINK LUNGO! DRINK LUNGO! DRINK LUNGO! DRINK LUNGO! DRINK LUNGO! DRINK LUNGO! DRINK LUNGO! DRINK LUNGO! DRINK LUNGO! DRINK LUNGO!"-This should hopefully push home the message that you should drink Lungo.

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