The Kafka Questionnaire: Kevin Arthur

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Kevin Arthur, Executive Vice President, Firstborn
Kevin Arthur, Executive Vice President, Firstborn
What will become of britney's kids?
They will grow up to win the Nobel Prize for physics and chemistry.

What should katie couric's next career move be?
Flash developer for a digital agency

What are you most grateful for?
January 20, 2009

If you put an iphone and dominos pizza in a will-it-blend blender, what would you get?
Steve Jobs with a funny illuminated sign on the top of his car

Resurrect an old ad tagline for a modern day product. . .
Red Bull: It's the quicker picker-upper.

What's the title of the first feature-length cellphone porn vid?
3 Way Connections

Martha stewart recently debuted a new line of goods at macy's. what's her next conquest?
Fashion advisor to Blackwater USA

Do you own a tivo and do you skip all the commercials?
You can skip the commercials?

What will ultimately bring on the demise of reality television?
People will start returning to Broadway plays in droves.

What will be the next overused term in ad lingo?
Independent digital agency

Invent the most preposterous name for a sports arena.
The Preparation H Dome

What's the most important etiquette rule for workplace im-ing?
No emoticons that require the use of more than two limbs

What is the subservient chicken doing right now?
Shining Jeff Benjamin's shoes
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