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We are The Martin Agency We make ads. Good ones. We also drive really fast-crazy fast in a car that we bought, stripped, rebuilt and slapped the #64 on. It's our Enduro racecar. Enduro racing is basically the lowest form of stock car racing where cars cannot be modified for speed. The intent is to provide a way get into racing without spending a lot of money. Races at Southside Speedway in Richmond, Virginia, are generally 75-100 laps with around 50 cars starting. There is no qualifying. Driver skill level is suspect. Barring a valid driver's license, there are no requirements (e.g., MartinEnduro driver John Ryland (AD) has never raced before and hasn't even gotten a speeding ticket in five years or so.) It's an absurd world we live in. Welcome. -Excerpted from Martin's Enduro website.
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