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Santa Monica, CA-Three LA based advertising industry executives have started The SPOKESMEN- a cycling club for people in the film and advertising industry. The club is for cyclists looking to organize daily, weekly and monthly rides in their area. The website will be accessible to all members and will feature things like a bulletin board for members to try and sell all the stuff they really didn't need to upgrade from in the first place. There will also be a place for members to post questions like "is a resting pulse of 168 too high?" and "Who needs an art director? This place sucks."

Phillip Detchmendy, managing director at Tool of North America, Bryan Farhy, executive producer at UNCLE and Michael Raimondi, executive producer at Union Editorial have known each other for several years (all three rode 800 miles this past June in the Alps from Geneva to Cannes in the Leuka ride) and had on occasion discussed shaving their legs but say they never acted on it because they were unable to identify what Farhy refers to as "a good reason."

The three men say that "the excuse" to shave their legs occurred one afternoon during a meeting at Shutters when all three of them showed up wearing those yellow "Live Strong" wristbands. "I think fate is much too strong a word," Raimondi says. "But it just hit us plus we were drunk."

The three men say they quickly drew up a charter for this industry cycling club. "We meet, we ride, we sell high-quality retro-designed club jerseys to members, we have a website. Yadda Yadda Yadda," Farhy recounts verbatim from the first meeting's minutes.

Once The Spokesmen's charter was written the three founders lathered up and shaved their legs from ankle to upper thigh. Detchmendy says that after he was able to stop some of the bleeding he could justify purchasing hundreds of dollars worth of new cycling gear. All members of The Spokesmen-shaved and unshaved-will receive a 15% discount at both Helen's and I. Martin's bike shops in California.

The three say they already have about 25 members and expect to grow a lot over the next year. For more information go to

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