No Ad Review for AdReview

We've Got Bigger Fish to Fry

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This week in AdReview, fittingly enough, there will be no ad reviewed. Two reasons:
  1. Space limitations have pushed the column out of our print edition.
  2. The space was needed for my cover essay about the current -- not imminent, current -- collapse of the media industry.
These factors are not unrelated. Ad Age, no less than any other media organization, is being buffeted by the twin storms of recession and business-model disruption. Just this week, we shuttered our Washington bureau, laid off a correspondent, a video producer and sales-side employees and slashed costs across our operation. AdReview has no space because we haven't the advertising this week to underwrite it.

Happily, Ad Age more than most media organizations, is making money online, finding revenue streams and adapting to the new-world order. The irony is, however, that those new revenue streams for Advertising Age have nothing to do with advertising.

Because they can no longer sustain one another. And if Ad Age cannot support the classic symbiosis of marketing and media, who in the world can?

A rhetorical question, if you accept the premise of "The Chaos Scenario."

But perhaps you don't. And that's why we're going off-format. This week, this space is devoted to your thoughts, and theories, and fears, and arguments and -- if you insist -- angry retorts. What do you think of advertising's future? Whom, if anyone, do you blame for the crisis? Is it just the toll of the digital revolution, or have the corporate stewards failed?

And what about me? Am I a hysterical doomsayer, with too little understanding of the advances on the ground to see how the industry can adapt? Or, perhaps, am I (as I insist) an ignoramus savant, who is so uninformed about the details that I can see the apocalyptic big picture?

Most of all, though, please consider this. Whether I'm right or wrong on the level of chaos, clearly advertising is an industry in extremis. So, I put it to you: Where do you go from here?

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