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The 100 Leading National Advertisers are selected from the 250 largest national advertisers based on measured U.S. media spending in 2001. That group is pared to 100 after estimated unmeasured expenditures are added. All ad spending figures throughout this report are U.S. only.

Measured media advertising is spending in 13 national consumer media monitored by Taylor Nelson Sofres' CMR, Internet from CMRinteractive, and Yellow Pages from Yellow Pages Integrated Media Association.

Measured media: CMR measures ads in 400-plus newspapers in 60 of the nation's top markets. CMR monitors space in national newspapers, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the New York Times. PIB/CMR Magazines measures ads in 256-plus consumer magazines and Sunday magazines. CMR data include revenue in more than 280 outdoor plant operator markets. CMR monitors network TV ads on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, WB, UPN and Pax TV, and spot TV on 540-plus stations in the top 100 U.S. markets. CMR provides spending for more than 200 syndicated TV programs per month through 24-hour monitoring. CMR continuously monitors 37 cable TV networks and five radio networks. CMR gathers spot radio data from 4,000 stations in more than 225 markets. CMRi's AdNetTrackUS tracks advertising on 330 Internet web sites.

Unmeasured spending: Unmeasured is an Ad Age estimate and includes direct mail, sales promotion, co-op spending, couponing, catalogs, business and farm publications and special events, to name a few. Unmeasured is the difference between a company's reported or estimated ad costs and its measured media.

A company's reported ad costs, typically worldwide, are found generally in public documents and are weighted by Ad Age to reflect a U.S.-only percentage. Unmeasured for private companies is modeled to the unmeasured ratios of their publicly-held direct competitors.

Each Top 100 company is profiled in a PDF file that can be downloaded from QwikFIND aan60i. Profiles include the most recent fiscal-year financial returns, a company's megabrands that generate $10 million-plus in media advertising in 2001 (the top 100 supported 529 brands at this spending level), 13-media breakouts for the company's ad spending, corporate contacts, leading marketing personnel by division on which contact information is provided, the brands those executives cover, agencies with which they do business and the agency account personnel on the major brands.

staff for this report: Kevin Brown, R. Craig Endicott, Scott MacDonald, Julie A. Johnson, Philip Montgomery-Fleming, Mark Schumann, Jennie Sierra, Dermot Connolly, Mike Ryan and Dan Lippe.

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