10 People Who Thought Scope Bacon Was Real -- And Are Pissed Off at Procter & Gamble

Facebook Followers Say a Joke Before April 1 is Not an April Fool. Also: 'Never Fool With Bacon'

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It felt fairly obvious to us that P&G's Bacon Mouthwash was just a fairly lame April Fool's Joke.

Bacon Mouthwash
Bacon Mouthwash

But marketers beware: Not all consumers have a funny bone. After Scope on its Facebook page yesterday announced that it was just kidding about Scope Bacon, hundreds weighed in, posting comments to express their displeasure over being tricked into thinking this was a genuine product. Some said they were already searching store aisles for it, others awaiting to cut coupons to get Bacon Mouthwash on sale, and several are wishing the worst upon P&G for starting an April Fool's joke before April 1.

April Zittlow:
False advertising...promoting a product nationally just to pull a prank... Way to blow money you could be using to employ people etc.

Gilbert Rodrigues:
Walmart gonna make a store brand Bacon flavor and take all our money instead of you!! Boo! Can't start an April fool joke on March 28.

Thomas Schneider III:
That's not funny. I really wanted a sample.

David W Abner:
WHAT!?!? I actually went to Wal-mart today looking for Bacon Flavored Scope. The guy said "Uh, maybe we just haven't gotten it in yet, IDK."

David Hellein:
Not funny. Never buying your product again.

Mary C. Cox:
I was so looking forward to getting coupons for it!!!!!

Steve Ellsworth:
Ok, I just unliked your page, never fool with bacon.

Marc Spera:
Well, since you posted the ad well before April 1st, it makes it a lie, not an April Fool. It was deceptive. I'll never buy another Proctor and Gamble product again. You shouldn't mess with people's love of bacon. Bacon is a serious matter.

Paul Wise Jr.:
I have been a long time user of Scope but due to the blatant disregard for your customers and the fact that you were warned there would be consequences if in fact this was an early April Fool's joke I am left with no choice other than to stop using your product.

Matthew C. Shillings:
Ok well I appreciate the joke but because you started marketing way early and denied it was an April Fools joke, I will no longer buy Scope until there is a bacon option.

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