11 Rules for Account Executives

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In a thoughtful post, Advergirl lays out 11 Unbreakable Rules for Account Executives.

I like Rule No. 11 best:

"Remember: This is the fun part of their day. If you only remember one thing, let it be this: Most of our clients work in political, corporate environments. They sit in meetings. They have enormous binders of documentation. They are forced to deeply understand the personal implications of Sarbanes Oxley. Working with us? It's the fun part of their day. It's creative and exciting and engaging. Keep it that way. Invite the client over to the agency. Bring creative people to the table. Have drinks or unexpected appetizers. Bring all the best parts of your job to the meeting. Give your client a well-deserved break..."

She even offers a cheat sheet for those trying to be a better account executive.
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