For $20, You Can Eat Andrew Robertson's Breakfast

BBDO CEO's Breakfast is New Menu Item at Michael's

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I ate Andrew Robertson's breakfast this morning.

I ordered it off the menu at Michaels, where I was dining with BBDO Worldwide CEO Mr. Robertson and Chief Creative Officer David Lubars.

Andrew Robertson
Andrew Robertson Credit: Scott Gries

Mister Robertson's Breakfast is a new menu offering, added as of Monday, at the midtown eatery of choice for media and advertising power brokers. It may also be the healthiest -- steamed spinach topped with two poached eggs and a roasted local beefsteak tomato for $20.

As General Manager Steve Millington tells it, he was chatting with Silda Spitzer one morning at a table near Mr. Robertson's and noticed his breakfast when it arrived. "I thought, 'Look at how beautiful it is ,'" he said, and knew it had to become a menu offering. "It's his design but I added tomato." It also comes with two or three berries and a slice of melon, as a palate cleanser.

"I asked him, 'Would you be upset or offended if we named a menu item after you?'" Mr. Millington recalled. "And he said 'That would be quite lovely,' or something along those lines. He's been a loyal and great customer for many years."

At breakfast I wondered if the menu at the nearby table where Medialink CEO Michael Kassan was dining with Yahoo sales chief Wayne Powers had a "Mr. Kassan's breakfast" on it, but was told, no, this is was a first.

"It's a little Carnegie Deli, I know," Mr. Millington said. Or a brilliant loyalty marketing move -- name items after your top customers. Maybe Mr. Kassan's Breakfast could be next?

"If we did Mr. Kassan's breakfast, there'd be nothing on the plate because he doesn't eat breakfast," Mr. Millington laughed.

As Mr. Lubars mused over his breakfast (he opted for a pair of runny eggs and a plate of fruit), being the inspiration for a menu item is one of the better signs you know you've arrived.

It's also Mr. Robertson's birthday tomorrow, though the naming of the menu wasn't timed to his birthday week. It's just a happy coincidence, Mr. Millington said.

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