A Bit of Faith Restored in American People/Media

Beckham Transplant Attempt Rejected

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Sure, we'd all rather obsess over Paris Hilton than watch even fifteen minutes of Iraq coverage or discuss the threats posed by Iran. But, gosh darnit, we do have our limits.

According to AFP, which did the hard work of rounding up media criticism, "Victoria Beckham's attempts to woo the US media since arriving in Los Angeles soccer star husband David appear to have backfired, with critics savaging a reality show she has appeared in." That show, intended to be a series on NBC, has been busted down to a "special." Even that is getting raked over.

Of course, the truth isn't that Americans don't like the Beckhams because they're rich and annoying, or out of some regained sense of dignity. No, critics are responding unfavorably because they're rich and boring. The New York Time's Alessandra Stanley writes of Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham: "And yet, for all her erotic poses, skimpy outfits and well-oiled limbs, Mrs. Beckham is oddly unsensual on television; she somehow takes the sin out of synergy."

Also, Americans don't care about soccer. No matter how much David Beckham is paid -- unless they pay him to drive in Nascar.
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