A Better Use for Bryant Park

Dogs Certainly Looked Healthier Than Models

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Last week, New York's Bryant Park was all about catwalks. This week, it's dogwalks -- or more accurately, jumps.

I don't know, Dave. It looks cold.
I don't know, Dave. It looks cold.
On Tuesday, large lunchtime crowd gathered to gawk at an event staged to promote the premiere of cable network the Outdoor Channel's new show "DockDogs." Yes, it's what it sounds like: Dogs take a running start, leap off docks and compete to get the best distance or height before hitting the water -- in this case a pool set up expressly for that purpose in the park.

In case you're wondering, those hounds sure do splash. Four-year-old Pico, who won the "Big Air" category, catapulted some 24 feet 8 inches (the pooch is a Belgian something-or-other) while Reggie, who looked distinctly black lab, aced the "Extreme Vertical" event by arcing 6 foot 8 inches into the air -- and then topping that with a 7-foot-2-inch soar. The loudest cheers in the crowd, however, came from Rock, a black lab who howled in appreciation after mostly every jump.

Of course, what would an event be without the obligatory big-check handoff -- in this case to the worthy Animal Cancer Foundation. But when the impeccably dressed and expensively tailored Roger Werner Jr. stepped up to award the loot, one had to wonder: does this CEO of the Outdoor Channel really trample the great outdoors?
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