What a Country of Idiots Will Do to Your Brands

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I just watched Mike Judge's film "Idiocracy" a few weeks ago and found it quite amusing. So I was pleased to see this post today offering a look at the movie and commenting on the design and brand names used throughout. The movie didn't get any notice, as Armin points out:

But then again, who wants to see a movie about a future 500 years in the making — but unnervingly current — where stupidity, laziness, horniness and perverse, dictatorial branding have rendered society, government and etiquette into a messy, procrastinating and doomed world that has succumbed to sleazy pleasures and is dominated by corporate and retail companies, surrounded by mountains of garbage, and defined by language that has become the lowest common denominator of a combination of "hillbilly, valley girl and slang"?

The film's pretty damn funny, but if you want a taste to whet your appetite, check out the post -- and see how your brand (or your client's brand) was treated.
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