A Cynical Response to the Latest Obesity News

Why Do I Suppose Someone Will Step up to Take Credit?

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If Ken Wheaton were in the office this week, he'd be hammering away at the keyboard about this morning's news that childhood obesity rates have stopped rising or hit a plateau, depending on which copy desk's headline you like.

According to the Washington Post: "The obesity epidemic may have peaked among U.S. children, halting a decades-long trend of inexorably expanding waistlines among the nation's youngest and most vulnerable, federal health officials reported yesterday."

The good news is somewhat tempered; as most of the articles point out, the number of obese children is so high they face lifelong health problems if they don't get their weight controlled.

The reason I suspect Ken would be all over this (other than his undying love for Popeye's) is he'd be waiting for his inbox to be stuffed with press releases from groups taking credit for the news. This is the type of tempered pronouncement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that leads to food marketers, local governments (yeah, you NYC) and the Center for Science in the Public Interest all raising their hands to show they were right.
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