A&E Outdoor Effort Should Be Illegal

There Are Lines; One Has Been Crossed

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I'm a fairly libertarian guy. I'm all for advertising. I don't think Twinkies or advertising make kids fat. It's lazy parenting that does that. I don't think tobacco ads cause cancer. Tobacco--a legal product that has government addicted to tax revenue--causes cancer.

All of that said, A&E has found a way to do something even worse than a booze company selling drunk driving or a cigarette marketer using cartoons to target the kiddies. The company is apparently using a billboard to project advertising messages directly into the heads of people in a public space.

Not only is this a highly invasive act, something that infringes on the most sacred of private spaces, it's stupid. If it doesn't invite regulation, it's a lawsuit waiting to happen. All it will take is one psychotic episode -- some unsuspecting sap sent running out into traffic by the new-found voices in his head -- for that to happen. As Gawker says, it leads to a "lingering sense of mental violation."
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