A Look at Potential Talent for 'Jingles'

Our Five 'Favorite' Audition Tapes

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If CBS's "Jingles" actually gets off the ground later this year as the network has promised, we're in store for a train wreck of a show based on the ad biz, judging by a quick survey of audition tapes posted to YouTube.

Glad it's not us who has to weed through these contestants to ultimately decide who gets to take home $100,000 and an advertising contract. That job is in the hands of the bizarro trio of judges: Kiss rocker Gene Simmons, jingle guru Linda Kaplan Thaler and no-introduction-needed Julie Roehm.

Based on the audition tapes, the brief that potential contestants were given isn't quite clear: Some made jingles for fake generic brands like "Grease Away soap" and "Swift Cola"; others made up their own brands like (ew) "chocolate garlic gum"; and still others crooned about real marketers like Pringles and Elmer's Glue. Here, five examples that say it all.

Jon Mack and Rich Williams' audition jingle for Elmer's Glue -- complete with outtakes

A sad living-room version of a Robert Palmer video for "Swift Cola"

Wannabe Flight of the Conchords duo Rhett & Link's audition jingle for the "Blitz 5 Razor"

Pepto Bismol threw up all over Team Kitty Kiddy's audition jingle for Fruit It Up candy. (Editor's note: I predict that this team will win the competition.)

An awful rap by the "Fox Brothers" for Pringles
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