A Product-Placement Opportunity for ChapStick

Viral Videos Could Boost Sales ... In One State

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I've been laughing at the following video for months. Sent to me via the long vast Louisiana expat community, it's the product of a Louisiana jokester calling himself PooPoo Broussard. And ladies and gentlemen, his lips are chapped.

Sure, he mentions Carmex and Blistex in this video, but in following videos he's often seen with his trusty ChapStick close to hand.

I've been slow to mention it because I don't know how well the play on Cajun humor and themes travels outside the southern part of my home state. But since I still laugh at the damn thing after repeated viewings, I thought I'd share it.

Like members of other ethnic groups, I always get my back up when someone outside the group tries to parody or latch on to our culture (Yeah, I'm looking at you, Adam Sandler). But, hypocritical as it may seem, it's perfectly fine when one of our own enforces the hugely erroneous stereotype that Cajuns are swamp-dwelling, nutria-trapping, alligator-rasslin' bumpkins.

If you're the sort who still likes to believe that the folks down there ride around in boats and eat fried opposum, consider that PooPoo (James Carrier) and friends have created a viral effort that did so well on MySpace and YouTube that it broke out into mainstream coverage down in Louisiana and escaped to Louisiana expats across the country.
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