A Scary Sign for MySpace?

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Here lies MySpace, abducted by Facebook
Here lies MySpace, abducted by Facebook
We generally assumed that these kinds of Silicon Valley-themed jokes only resided in, well, Silicon Valley. Not true. On a stroll through the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn last Sunday, I spotted this decorative tombstone in a faux pop-culture laced graveyard. (Another tombstone read: "Marcel Marceau: 1923-2007 / Now he really is trapped in a box.")

Of course, what this perhaps best illustrates is the fickleness that plagues the social networking space -- it was only two years ago that MySpace was the highflying poster child for successful social websites. Given the increasing skepticism surrounding Facebook's valuations and proclamations of late, Mark Zuckerberg better hope his site proves stickier or he might have its own tombstone sooner rather than later.
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