A Scorpion Down the Trousers? That Is 'Most Interesting'

A Report From Dos Equis' Traveling Freak Show

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Dos Equis' "Most Interesting Man in the World" is a sword-fighting, ass-kicking international man of mystery. So what can one expect when the beer brand sponsors a "Most Interesting Show in the World" inspired by their enigmatic spokesman? A human slinky, blindfolded knife-throwing, and a live scorpion going down someone's pants, just to name a few examples.

For the second year in a row, Dos Equis took its traveling freak show on the road for a 16-city national tour that began in San Francisco in mid October. The circus landed in New York's Webster Hall on Friday, Nov. 13, its third-to-last stop. Free online tickets were long gone by the day of the performance -- not surprising considering the event promised complimentary beer all night long. (Stay thirsty, my friends.)

Angelo Moore, founding member, lead singer and saxophonist of the band Fishbone, acted as the show's ringleader, bringing the audience an international team of performers that included a burlesque act, an Egyptian beat-boxer, a bow-and-arrow-throwing couple, a Far East equilibrist and a Ukrainian contortionist who doubled as a human slinky. As for the aforementioned scorpion, it found a new home inside the pants of Israeli daredevil Mark "The Knife" Faje, who was throwing a flaming bowling ball with a knife stuck in it onto his face at the time.

The only thing missing from the show was our eponymous hero himself, Mr. Most Interesting, whose portrait hung from each side of the wall at Webster. Then again, he wouldn't be a man of mystery if we knew where he was.

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