A Sure Sign the Good Times Are Over

MC Hammer to Take on YouTube

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The colleague who forwarded this story said it best: "Um, wow."

According to the AP: MC Hammer, "whose real name is Stanley Burrell, is choreographing a new career as co-founder and chief strategy officer of Menlo Park-based DanceJam.com. The Web site, scheduled to debut in mid-January, will try to upstage YouTube and become the Internet's hub for sharing and watching dance videos. DanceJam then hopes to make money by grabbing a piece of the rapidly growing Internet advertising market, which is expected to rake in $27.5 billion in 2008, according to eMarketer."

To be fair, Hammer did make his previous career out of next to nothing (and also sent it back there) and he does seem to be tech savvy. Why, he says so himself. According to the story, Hammer once said in an interview, "There is no high-tech lingo or business strategy that you can talk that is above my head. ... I breathe this stuff."
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