Can a Squirrel Save Your Soul?

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Via CTV in Canada, I came across a quirky marketing effort aimed at sparking discussion about hot-button religious topics. The site is called and is run by the United Church of Canada.

It features a number of print ads that touch on issues such as gay marriage, sinful sex, Jesus vs. Santa Claus and whether or not a bobble-head Jesus is a ticket straight to hell.

Got questions? He's got answers.
Got questions? He's got answers.
But my favorite part of the site is the EZ Answer Squirrel, a video segment in which a squirrel answers tough theological questions. (Not exactly what I would do with a squirrel, but funny all the same.)

"We wanted people to recognize (United Church members) do have humour, they can laugh at themselves," Malcolm Roberts, the creative director for ad firm Smith Roberts & Co., told CTV.
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