A Valentine's Day Consumer Moment

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With all apologies to The Consumerist, I thought I'd relate my own tale from today. I ordered flowers online for my girlfriend a few days back through Teleflora.com via my bank USAA. Why? Because they only offer about the best service in the world. If USAA were a person, I'd marry it (don't tell my girlfriend).

In fact, I received a phone call and an email telling me they might deliver a day early considering the approaching death storm blanketing the Northeast with death, destruction and shovel shortages (if you're to believe local news coverage). As usual, I was impressed with this level of customer support.

Sadly, someone dropped the ball. Or, to be more precise, someone dropped the card. The flowers arrived with no card. It's not the end of the world. For all I know, some poor delivery guy dropped it while slipping on the ice. Still, I couldn't help voicing a complaint. In the spirit of the holiday, I didn't want to be sending bad hate vibes around or anything. Also in the spirit of the holiday, I thought I'd share the e-mail I sent to customer service.

To whom it may concern:
While my flowers apparently arrived as scheduled, they arrived without a card. I just hope that my girlfriend believes they're from me and not the rich, attractive guy down the hall from her at work who's been trying to steal her from me. This is very disappointing. It will be much more disappointing if he wins!

And the funny thing is, I'm 99% sure I'll get a fast response to this seemingly trivial issue.
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