A Voice of Reason in the Snickers Affair

Gay Blogger Hammers Gay Activists

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Anyone sick of cries of victimhood every time a commercial is aired should go directly to this post at The Malcontent blog. Writing about the tempest in a teacup caused by the Snickers Super Bowl ad ridiculous reaction to the Snickers Super Bowl ad, Robbie, a gay man, takes on what he calls "the grievance gays" for overreacting and doing more harm to their cause than good.
Here's a taste:

They cannot speak coherently on gay marriage, they could not prevent three-quarters of states from passing amendments, they have not the tools to persuade the electorate on our issues, but yesterday the professional grievance organizations of Gay America vanquished a candy company, and for that they are heroes.

Heroes, at least, if you found yourself among the offended.

For those of us not offended by the Snickers ad campaign, there rested in the twelve hour maelstrom something terribly depressing and clarifying about the pulleys and levers used to operate some quarters of gay activism.

There's much more where that came from. Go read.
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