Not to Be Outdone by CNN, ABC News Jumps on Lottery-Expert Bandwagon

Mega Millions Mania Is Clouding Some Folks' Judgment

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Two weeks ago, CNN Money ran a segment featuring an "expert" offering tips on winning the lottery. According to Business Insider, finance expert Zac Bissonnette, irate that such snake oil would be offered as news, launched a crusade on Twitter haranguing CNN about the irresponsibility of running the piece.

As Bissonnette told BI, "The lottery works randomly. Unlike poker or blackjack, there's nothing you can do to gain an advantage at this. You can't make decisions to influence the outcome." The segment, if anything, encouraged people to waste money on lottery tickets or throw good money after bad and buy a book from the lottery expert.

Suitably embarrassed, CNN yanked the video, saying: "The CNNMoney newsroom takes great pride in its journalism, with consistently high standards for reporting. This video fell short of that mark, and we've chosen to remove it from our site."

Apparently ABC News didn't catch wind of any of this. Because it ran a segment dated yesterday featuring the exact same expert.

Obviously, the piece, which ran on Good Morning America (and not as a financial segment), is a lighthearted attempt to get a piece of the Mega Millions buzz now that the jackpot has reached incredible heights. There were also plenty of disclaimers about your laughable odds of winning. But note to ABC viewers: Tips for buying a lottery ticket? Grab a dollar and go to the gas station. That's the long and short of it.

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