When You Absolutely, Positively Have to Choke a Banker

CreativeFeed Offers 'Squeeze the Banker' Dolls

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The economy got you down? Can't decide whether to slap a sub-prime lender, slug a sub-prime borrower, attack and automaker or beat down a banker? Figure any of those options will likely lead to a violent rampage ending in jail time? Boutique agency CreativeFeed may have a solution for you with a line of "Squeeze the Banker" stress dolls. The first retail product launch from CreativeFeed, the dolls come in three models: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson and former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. Order one today and give it a good shake. Better yet, cover it in bacon grease and give it to a Jack Russel Terrier!

I'm a little disappointed at the limited options, though. Why not a Barney "Fannie Mae doesn't need to be regulated" Frank doll? Why not likenesses of auto-industry or banking execs? (And I'll assume the George W. Bush doll market is already saturated.) But the Squeeze the Banker website allows you to suggest other people to be transformed into dolls and it does offer this creepy video of Wee Little Greenspan:

At any rate, the dolls retail for $8.99 and 5% of proceeds go to Modest Needs, an anti-poverty charity.

"We thought that a stress ball in the shape of the principal icons of our financial system was a funny (and maybe healthy) way of facing the strain we are all under," said Arthur Ceria, CreativeFeed cofounder.

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