Ad Dollars Reward Idiot

Most-Hated Blogger Cashes In

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Say you're the type of idiot to run up thousands in debt, buy into get-rich quick housing schemes and, along the way, cheat, lie and swindle. What's your next step? What do you do when your wife starts to come to her senses? Start blogging about it!

That's what Casey Serin, dubbed the world's most hated blogger, did. And now he's making back at least some of the money he lost.

From CNET: "Financial exhibitionism, coupled with a lack of penitence for stiffing his creditors, has transformed the 24-year-old resident of this sleepy Sacramento suburb into a celebrity among fellow bloggers. But unlike other online celebrities, Serin's stardom comes from a unique source: 'haters' who patronize his blog solely to learn what financial missteps he's made today."

In a just world, he'd be chained to a pillar in the public square and we'd all be allowed to chuck fruit at him. Actually, his creditors should be allowed to pelt him with something more substantial -- like watermelons or bricks.

Instead, Serin "estimates he was making up to $1,000 a month through Google ads and believes he's on track to make even more through Yahoo's ad network."

I'd be a little more upset if the whole thing didn't sound like an elaborate hoax.
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