Well, It Wasn't Like It Was an Ad for Hitler!

Y&R-Affiliated Agency Does Ads for Mugabe

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You know, it's one thing to do PR work for ethically questionable entities. You tell yourself, "Hey, it's just business. It's not like anyone's actually getting hurt." It's another entirely to do ads for Zimbabwe's thuggish dictator Robert Mugabe. In that case, people are actually being killed. Even more shameful is doing ads for Mugabe in which the opponent is accused of using violence.

To Y&R's credit, they're trying to detach themselves from this mess in a hurry. According to The Times, "Horrified directors of global marketing giant Young & Rubicam have begun a sell-off of their holdings in Zimbabwe after learning the company's head was behind Robert Mugabe's election campaign image makeover, as well as adverts that mock Britain and the opposition Movement for Democratic Change."

Y&R said it will sell its 25% stake of Imago Y&R as soon as possible.

Here is one of the ads:

Via Gawker
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