Ad-Supported Gaming: Will Anyone Notice?

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Greystripe wants to take a chunk away from the wireless gaming market with their ad-supported GameJump.

GameJump offers free-for-the-taking downloadable games for your mobile, except that "free," as usual, comes at a cost. In this case, gamers will have to put up with an advertising "wrap" around the game while in play .

Greystripe and GameJump's CEO, Michael Chang, thinks he's found a win-win solution of offering free games to players and different demographics to advertisers. In his statement to the press he said, "We've shaken up the existing model for pay-to-play mobile games and introduced a way for everyone who owns a mobile phone to access and play games for free through our ad-supported network. By taking a percentage of the advertising revenue, we can offer a wide collection of popular mobile games."

Any parent or significant other who's witnessed the laser-like focus of a true gamer, however, has got to wonder just how much of the advertising is going to seep in.
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