Yet Another Use for Ad-Targeting Software

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Details have emerged in the British terror case, all right, just not for the Brits. The venerable New York Times recently employed the same software used to track the who's, what's, where's and why's of their readers to keep their website in accordance with British press law that "prohibits the publication of prejudicial information about defendants prior to trial." (Gotta love the alliteration there.)

Considering one of the internet's other names is the world wide web, media outlets seemingly have not been concerned with geographically centric rules; possibly because it just seemed impossible. Then Google started censoring web searches in China. Now, the Times is censoring itself in England, because, well, it is possible.

Said Jonathan Zittrain, Oxford University Professor of Internet governance and regulation: "There's a been a sense that technology can create a form of geographic zoning on the Internet for many years now -- that they might not be 100 percent effective, but effective enough. And there's even a sense that international courts might be willing to take into account these efforts."

Hmmm, makes you wonder how cable television will respond to keep channels like Hezbollah off the air.
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