An Adages PSA: Entitled vs. Titled

That Word Does Not Mean What You Think It Means

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Dear PR people, potential freelancers and yes, even you professional writers and bloggers,
The next one of you who uses the word "entitled" to refer to the title of a book, composition, movie, magazine or whatever -- I'm going to come after you with a baseball bat.

Such items are TITLED, not ENTITLED. Entitled means you have the right to do something or that you're owed something. It has nothing to do with the names of things. Got it?
EXAMPLE: The book is titled, "1,001 Things That Piss Me Off."
EXAMPLE: You're entitled to an old-fashioned bat-beating.
See the difference? You may be entitled to use the wrong words for the wrong situations, but I'm entitled to a) either ignore your writing from that point on or b) start posting your material as is and making fun of it.

Other words that will earn you the Wrath of Wheaton: concepting, conversate and irregardless. (Unlike entitled, those aren't even real words.)
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