Adages 'Wrong' About Isobella Jade Fascination

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The previous Isobella Jade item wasn't in circulation very long before I received a request for a correction from Dylan Stableford at Mediabistro.

He takes issue with the following line: All involved were happy -- except model Isobella Jade. The 5'4" wizard of self-promotion first showed up on New York radars last year when Gawker developed a fascination with her.

"We were the ones with the developed fascination. Gawker linked to us every time."

Dylan even provided a long list of links.

So I was wrong. Let the record be corrected. Clearly they developed the obsession first, and that sort of hard-hitting blogging is clearly worth at least $9 million of the $23 million purchase price.

In our defense, as a member of the grand Adages Correction Tribunal pointed out: "Yes, but only Gawker reads Mediabistro."

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