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For a good time, call Sir Dave

Adages spotted an odd print execution for Motorola's V.Series 120 wireless phone in a recent issue of Blender. It shows a public restroom graffitied with names and phone numbers. The ad was created by WPP Group's Ogilvy & Mather. "There are so many times in life when you could really use a phone with a 400 number memory," says the ad copy, suggesting that the Motorola comes in handy for people who are looking for love in all the wrong places; in this case, in toilet stalls. "For a good time call me," reads the graffiti, and "Love Me." Some of the scribble looks real, but most of it looks like bad set dressing, all in the same handwriting. Curious, Adages dialed some of the numbers. The number for Dave (Ogilvy?) yielded voicemail: "This is Dave, I'm away from the phone right now. ..." A number for a "Mrs. Green" actually turned out to be Kathy Hanegan, a 52-year-old housecleaner from Hudson, Iowa. "You wouldn't believe the calls I've been getting!" says Mrs. Hanegan, who received at least 25 calls due to the ad, a couple of them collect. She wants her number rubbed off the stall. "Oh, so if you could do anything about this, that would be great," she says. A spokesman at Ogilvy in New York says the ads are being pulled.

Search called off

Donny Deutsch and his new bride Stacey have called off the search for their lost three-year-old Boston Terrier, Remi. Over the past several weeks, the radio airwaves in the Hamptons have been flooded with urgent appeals to find Remi. Although the finders fee is an extraordinary $10,000, there have been no bites. "At this point our chances aren't that good," says Erin, one of Donny's assistants. "She's a very small dog. It was really, really hot over the past week out there, and I don't think she survived the heat. She's not a survival dog. She's an Upper East Side dog without a collar, and there are raccoons and animals that could have gotten to her." According to many Hamptonites, Remi has received almost as much publicity as Lizzie Grubman. But that ended last week, when Donny's agency pulled the radio spots. "It's sad," says Donny. "You really get attached to these little things. But in the scheme of life you have to have perspective. With all of the horrible things people go through, a lost dog should be the worst thing that ever happens."

Blow your own horn

Chrysler Group's Dodge just announced its new tag, from Omnicom's PentaMark: "Grab Life by the Horns." Hmmm. Crosstown rival Ford used "Grab life by the wheel" in spring 1998 in Escort ZX2 ads from JWT. A coincidence? Well, there are four ex-Ford ad types who switched to Chrysler this year. Meanwhile, stay tuned for changes at Ford Motor Co.'s central trustmark department. Jan Klug, VP-global marketing, is expected to soon announce a major overhaul that could include staff cuts. Folks in the know claim the corporate ad dept. is history and the online Consumer Connect area (headed by ex-GMer Karen Francis) will be moved directly under Klug. "We are always looking to do things more efficiently with synergy and momentum," Ms. Klug wrote Adages in an e-mail, without answering any specific questions. A spokesman says it's too soon to discuss the matter.

Contributing: Tobi Elkin, Jean Halliday and Lisa Sanders.

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