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Last Tuesday at the Four Seasons, Bonnie Fuller, deposed editrix of Glamour, breezed into the room with Mary Berner, the Fairchild Publications CEO and former Glamour publisher. Adages was there with Steve Florio, CEO of Fairchild sibling Conde Nast. Steve, who did not renew Bonnie's contract, dropped by the ladies' table for a ceremonial greet-and-peck-on-the-cheek. Adages wondered out loud: What schemes were Bonnie and Mary hatching? Mary intimated they were plotting Bonnie's return, then suggested she also was working on "a book about sex." Recalling Bonnie's heavy-breathing magazines, Steve offered: "Hasn't she already done that?"

Steve then crossed the room to talk to another star editor and former wrestling partner-Talk's Tina Brown. Meanwhile, a few feet away, USA Networks Chairman-CEO Barry Diller conferred with outgoing FCC head Bill Kennard. It looked as if they too were hatching something. Adages assumed it wasn't a book about sex.

Lip lock

Mick Jagger enjoyed a quickie recently with a DDB executive. That's right, it happened at the Latin American Effectiveness awards dinner held at Bambu, a restaurant in South Beach, hosted by DDB Worldwide and Del Rivero Messianu DDB, Miami. Mick was dining in another room at Bambu and when Eduardo Fernandez Ribeiro, president of DDB Latin America, found out he got all hot and bothered. "Mick is my idol," exclaimed Eduardo, a former rock musician in his native Montevideo. Eduardo dashed into the room and was blocked by Mick's bodyguards. But that didn't stop the smitten Latin, who blurted out: "Mick, I love you, man." Mick was moved. He said "I love you, too" and planted a big kiss from those famous fat lips on Eduardo's ready cheek. Mick also signed an autograph, which Eduardo plans to incorporate into his business card.

Virgin urine?

For the Hong Kong 4A's 2001 Creative Awards, Saatchi created entry kits that poke fun at gweilos, a pejorative Chinese word for foreigners loosely translated as "devils" or "white ghosts." They include charms "to exorcise the gwei" such as a chicken's foot, a vial of virgin's urine, a packet of saliva and a T-shirt that says, "I love my wife" in English, but "I love your wife" in Chinese characters. "I was shocked and outraged," says Aaron Lau, DDB's president-CEO, greater China, a 4A's member. "We do not endorse or want to be associated with any organization who passively or actively accepts racism," he says. Patrick Pitcher, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Asia, offers: "Clearly there's a bit of a lack of a sense of humor here." The Hong Kong agency is already sending out new kits to members, presumably sans urine.

Contributing: Jon Fine, Normandy Madden.

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