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`Naked Chef' ads have sex appeel

A crop of provocative produce heralds the leap across the Pond of "The Naked Chef." The British import premiered over the weekend on the Food Network, and it's really the unpretentious cooking style -- not the chef himself -- that's bare. "It's an indication of the way he cooks, a more stripped down style," explains Food Network VP-Marketing Adam Rockmore. GWhiz Entertainment, New York, created the print, out-of-home and radio campaign. Copywriter is Noah Klein, and art director is Dominic Orologio. And fear not, you watchdogs of sexism: Another ad features a banana, and a third ad an androgynous, gluteal peach. Twenty-five-year-old chef Jamie Oliver's show has been a hit in the U.K., and Rockmore believes it will translate well in the U.S.: "I refer to it as MTV's `Real World' meets cooking."

Prez candidates' `glamor' contest

Think about this if you're among the minority going to the polls tomorrow. According to a national study by agency Ziccardi & Partners, New York, only 13.2% of Americans feel that intelligence makes for a "glamorous" president. "Glamor of Politics 2000" queried 500 Americans 18 to 55 on the defining characteristics of political glamor, and how they felt candidates Al Gore and George W. Bush matched up. Agency Prez-CEO Donald Ziccardi says: "Intelligence isn't a major component of glamor for our respondents . . . part of what leadership is about is knowing how to surround oneself with good, talented people. Honesty ranked up there, too." Comparing presidential image to brands, 43% of respondents considered Gore a Swatch, while 37% pegged Bush as a Rolex.

Space for only one Black Rocket?

What is Black Rocket? In 1828, Briton George Stephenson built a cast-iron train that was nicknamed Black Rocket. In 1996, it became the name of a San Francisco ad agency. Today, Black Rocket is also the flagship e-commerce solutions product of Genuity Inc., being touted in a $20 million campaign from Mullen, Wenham, Mass. San Fran's Black Rocketeers are not pleased. "Our lawyers are taking a look at it right now," says agency co-founder John Yost. Spokesman Vaughn Harring of the other Black Rocket counters that despite the name, the two companies use different images in their logos -- his a black rocket and the agency a black locomotive.

Media barons nosh . . . ad Accelerator

Spotted Nov. 1 at media-biz local watering hole Michael's: Time Inc. Chairman Don Logan and Wenner Media counterpart Jann Wenner, lunching at the head table. So, Adages asked, boldly interrupting their repast, who was buying who? Logan volunteered that Wenner had, in fact, "already" bought Time Inc.'s presumptive corporate parent America Online, and Wenner admitted that, in his new role, he'd decided to spin off Time Inc. Asked what led to the two's tete-a-tete, a Time Inc. spokesman said, "They were hungry. Why else do people have lunch?" . . . The prime account of Y&R Advertising, Irvine, Calif., is Lincoln Mercury, so it stands to reason one of its newest hires would be given the title of Accelerator. Alex Norman, 28, will work with Y&R's Integrated Insights team, accelerating non-traditional buzz marketing ideas and speeding them to market.

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