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Paper goes `Extra' mile for Olympics

Chew on this for Olympic coverage. The San Diego Union-Tribune is coming out with its first-ever "Olympics Lunchtime Extra" during the run of the Sydney Games. Out-of-home and local magazine ads supporting the "Extra" edition broke late last week, timed to the kickoff of the Olympics. The advertising from Matthews/Mark features athletes wielding victuals (in another ad, a discus thrower grips a pizza). The Union-Tribune "Extra" consists of an eight-page wraparound of Olympic news, sans advertising, that will be distributed midday with that morning's edition of the paper. The time delay between the U.S. and Australia sparked the idea for the "Extra." The Union-Tribune is "putting on an extra shift that will work through the night, so that it will come out at noon so that when people go out for a sandwich, they can get the news" on the Olympics, says agency Prez-CD Michael Mark. Copywriter on the ads is Guy Hufferd; art directors are John Meyer and Mark Albertazzi.

Camp Jeep-ers fired up by ads

How many ways can you portray DaimlerChrysler's brand Jeep? FCB Worldwide's Southfield, Mich., office showed rough cuts of three upcoming TV spots at the recent Camp Jeep owners powwow in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. One attendee raved about the spot showing the Wrangler backing up near two giraffes and driving over the huge setting sun in the background. Another Camp Jeep-er especially liked the commercial showing a couple exiting a mud-covered Grand Cherokee in front of their posh home and getting covered with grit as the Jeep shakes off the mud like a dog. Look for a fall arrival.

A JWT ouchie at Machu Picchu

The mysterious mountaintop Inca city of Machu Picchu has for 600 years survived the ravages of such forces as the Andes and the conquistadors, but the ruins may not fare as well under the siege of ad creative. Restoration experts were making plans last week to repair a granite-block sun clock after a crane chipped off a corner of the stone during an ad shoot for Peruvian beer Cusquena. Apparently, the damage to the stone, called the Intihuatana, can be repaired, but the citadel is under a modern-day assault from thousands of tourists as well as filmmakers attracted to its ethereal setting. J. Walter Thompson, which was shooting the beer commercial, expressed regret for the accident, attributing it to a mechanical failure. The agency is no newcomer to Machu Picchu; it has shot other ads there in the past.

In a bad spot . . . a strapping 70

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! The Chicago Tribune ran a lengthy obituary Sept. 9 for its longtime ad columnist George Lazarus, who died suddenly the day before (see related story on Page 24). On the opposite page, nestled among other obits, was an ad for a purveyor of leather furniture, headlined: "Take home a drop-dead gorgeous model." . . . Advertising Age turned a youthful 70 this year, but that's no reason to get age-ist with us. A reference-book publisher wrote AA a letter with the salutation "Dear valued customer," then addressed the letter to "Advanced Age Magazine."

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