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New packaging flours at Gen. Mills

It's a sad day for die-hard fans of the powdery poof. The flour explosion that usually erupts from the traditional paper packaging for the baking essential will soon be history, at least for General Mills' Gold Medal brand. This fall, General Mills will introduce a resealable plastic bag for Gold Medal in the first packaging innovation for the product since the 1930s, spokeswoman Pam Becker says. The new zip-pack bag will be easier to open and store, and will open wide to make way for even a full measuring cup.

WebMiles taps Pudding Guy

WebMiles, the new online loyalty program that allows consumers to earn miles redeemable with few restrictions on any airline for their purchases, launched a "Million Miles Mania" contest last week with a judge who knows a thing or two about frequent flier miles. WebMiles members who submit a 500-word (or less) travel itinerary of the craziest trip they can imagine will have their "flight plans" judged by David Phillips, aka the Pudding Guy. Phillips got his 15 minutes of fame earlier this year after purchasing 12,150 cups of Healthy Choice pudding in order to earn 1.25 million miles in a promotion for the ConAgra brand. WebMiles may select one winner with a million-mile flight plan or several winners with itineraries totaling 1 million miles. Winners must promise to fulfill their proposed travel itineraries within two years of the contest.

Little `Brother,' Indian-`aire'

Current TV phenoms continue to extend their octopine reach across the media landscape:

* The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi used CBS' "Big Brother" for inspiration on a new public health push. "Cold Turkey," the latest promotion for the partnership's "Question it" anti-tobacco campaign, will shutter five pack-a-day smokers in a two-bedroom apartment for a week of unfiltered surveillance, sans tobacco. From July 31 to Aug. 6, interested cybervoyeurs will be able to log onto to watch the action and vote nightly on the characters' fates, with massages and aerobics sessions among the options. If all five occupants make it through the week, they each get $500. Maris, West & Baker, Jackson, is handling the promo.

* Q: "Who Wants to be a Millionaire"? A: Everybody. In India, Star TV is introducing a Hindi version of ABC's hit program. The quiz show -- titled "Kuan Benega Crorepati" -- "is a revolution in television programming, and the race is on to give India its richest quiz show winners," says Sameer Nair, senior VP of Star Plus Programming. The show promises to give away the biggest prize money ever seen on the subcontinent. More than 300,000 viewers registered to take part in the show in the first three days phone lines were open. The "Millionaire" format is now on TV in 29 countries.M

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