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Bless is more for

Entertainment site UnderGroundOnline ( is hitting the road, with the blessing of a Buddhist monk. Sifu Shi Yan-Ming, Shaolin monk and well-known kung fu master, blessed one of two Tech Trucks that UGO now has traveling the Left and Right Coasts on a four-month "Road Rave Tour." That might seem rather metaphysical for a dot-com targeting 18-to-34-year-old guys, but UGO PR mgr. Sabine Heller explains: "We have some Buddhists in our company, and the idea was floated that wouldn't it be nice for someone to bless our truck." She also says the Shaolin are a "renegade order of monks that split off from the rest of Buddhism. . . . We are an underground entertainment company, and he is an underground monk." Craftsman Industries, St. Louis, built the trucks; UGO is offering sponsorship opportunities on the vehicles; no marketers have signed on yet. Three-year-old UGO also today breaks its first ad campaign, via Attik, New York. With so much activity, a blessing couldn't hurt. But has it helped? "It made everyone really happy," Heller notes, "including the monk."

Hurri-can't close catalog consultant

Muldoon & Baer can flee the Keys for higher ground in plenty of time if a hurricane hits. The Sugar Loaf Key-based catalog consultancy has a second office in Branford, Conn., during hurricane season ( May to October). The Florida office, run out of Prez Katie Muldoon's home, lost 11 days worth of business in 1998 at the hands of Hurricane George. Muldoon, who refers to the new outpost as the "hurricane office," will use portable computers to transfer work from one location to the other. The group already outsources all its catalog production work.

Rocket attack dampens Goodby

When Goodby, Silverstein & Partners took its employees on a San Francisco Bay cruise to announce the shop's shift in creative duties (AA, June 12), the weather forecast called for unseasonal showers. But while Mother Nature held off, the Goodbians still got a soaking, courtesy of Black Rocket, an agency formed by several Goodby alums. The Black Rocketeers' offices are located on the same pier as the boat's dock, so they took to the roof and attacked with 25 super squirt guns. "Silverstein wasn't happy about getting his Porsche wet," says one Rocketeer. To add insult to injury, Goodby employees began picking up T-shirts distributed near the boat. They were not, however, the GS&P Athletic Department souvenirs Rich Silverstein designed for the event, but instead shirts celebrating Black Rocket.

Job dot-com wins Obie Best of Show

Advertising from job search site garnered Best of Show at the Outdoor Advertising Association of America's 2000 Obie awards late last week. The Martin Agency, Richmond, Va., bagged $50,000 as its part of the prize. The creative included an ad-wrapped bus, with a message on the roof that admonishes: "Don't jump." The ad was meant to be seen by workers in New York high-rises. Judges named just 12 Obie winners among the 108 contenders. Arnold Communications, Boston, last year's Best of Show stopper, this year won an Obie ovation for Volkswagen Beetle boards.

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