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Pizza pie ploy from ePromos

Move over Domino's!, a promotional products site, is making pizza delivery its latest guerrilla marketing tactic. The pepperoni pies being sent to overworked dot-com employees in Silicon Alley come in an ePromos box with the tagline "Delivering piping hot promotional ideas." The New York company designed the campaign in-house to target almost 100 dot-coms including,, and The pizzas have already delivered several promising leads, says Earl Bahler, ePromos VP-marketing. In addition to the free pizza, potential customers get samples of the company's products.

The old admen and the sea

Moving from pizza to seafood, two agency heavyweights were involved in their own fish tale at the American Association of Advertising Agencies bash in Bermuda. Michael Dweck, CEO of NY creative shop Dweck!, invited fellow afishionado John Dooner, president-chief operating officer of Interpublic Group of Cos., to join him on a fishing trip. Dooner had to beg off reluctantly, so Dweck went out with his account director, Cecilia Luppi, and landed a 6-foot, 55-pound wahoo, a kind of mackerel. To celebrate, Dweck hosted a dinner "and brought my own 12-pound filet with me," which he served to a group of friends. Dooner, coincidentally, was at the next table over. "I sent him over two tiny pieces of fish," Dweck says, "one for him and his wife, just to show him what he missed. And I put caviar on top of it." Dooner was on his dessert. "It's really bad to have fish with dessert, right?" Dweck notes. But Dweck says Dooner retaliated: "He sent me a piece of cake, 1 inch by 1 inch."

Porsche parks 911 in flurry of flicks

Moviegoers will be seeing a lot of Porsche 911 models in the weeks ahead. Tom Cruise drives one in an early "Mission: Impossible 2" scene. Giovanni Ribisi gets one in "Gone in 60 Seconds." Kevin Bacon is behind the wheel in "The Hollow Man." And Bruce Willis uses a 911 as a time machine in "The Kid." All this has Howard Buck, head of Studio Services, Van Nuys, Calif., which handles Porsche's movie and TV placements, on Cloud 9, or Cloud 911.

Coca-Cola tackles anti-Islam rumors

Add to Coca-Cola Co.'s woes (AA, April 24) charges of putting anti-religious subliminal messages on its bottles -- in Egypt. A rumor campaign urges a Coke boycott based on claims that if the bottle's logo is turned toward a mirror, it reads -- in Arabic -- "La Mohammed, La Mecca," which translates as a denial of the Muslim prophet Mohammed and of the holy city of Mecca. "It's a crazy thing," says Mahmoud Hamdy, external affairs manager for Coca-Cola Egypt. Hamdy believes the rumors migrated from Saudi Arabia, where a government council absolved Coke of evil designs. Coke hasn't launched ads debunking the anti-Islamic theory, but has sought the help of the press to counter the rumors. "Positive media coverage gives us more credibility," Hamdy contends. Also, a top Islamic leader in Egypt issued a fatwa -- or religious opinion -- that nothing blasphemous could be read from the logo.

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