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Uncle Sam cig vs. Marlboro Man

Corporate watchdog Infact was in Chicago at the Daley Center, railing and rallying against Philip Morris, when protesters decided to stroll a couple blocks to the HQ of Leo "Marlboro Man" Burnett Co. and continue their commotion there. Infact has been battling corporate behemoths for 23 years, and this time it's dispatching a 12-foot-tall cigarette, clad like Uncle Sam, on a mock "Philip Morris for President?" campaign. Infact is ticked off about alleged PM meddling in public health policy and efforts to lure kids to cigs. The ciggy Sam is logging some serious mileage. Today it's in Miami and this Friday in Rye Brook, N.Y., home of a big office of PM unit Kraft Foods. Infact Organizing Director Sangita Nayak noted PM's annual meeting is April 27, but was unclear about whether the puppet would pop up there. PM is being targeted, of course, because it's the top tobacco company, but Adages questioned how ads that feature grubby cowpokes could appeal to today's kids. Infact Exec Director Kathryn Mulvey asserted that for decades the Marlboro Man has sought to capture the youth market with "an image of individualist rebellion."

Windstar goes for a spin (cycle)

Good news for the Maytag Repairman: Maybe he can relieve his boredom by taking up auto repair. Ford Motor Co. and Maytag Corp. unveiled the co-developed Windstar Solutions over the weekend. The concept minivan features refrigerated compartments from Maytag, a trash compactor, mini washer-dryer and Hoover (a Maytag unit) wet-dry vacuum. Says Jim Schroer, Ford VP-global marketing: "The next step is for consumers to tell us whether this concept will meet their needs."

Tale of 2 cities, 2 pairs of admen

Hotels can be a hassle for the creative team of Weakley & Weekley from D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles' LA office. When copywriter Jeff Weakley, 40, and art director Jeff Weekley, 49, check in, they often discover the hotel thought there was a mistaken duplication and canceled one reservation. "The first guy to the desk gets the room. The second has to deal with people," says Weakley, though he admits that on the whole, he's benefited from the association. One time, for instance, art director Weekley collected a slew of awards, and copywriter Weakley's friends called to congratulate him. The adguys don't think they're related, though Weakley's mother produced a genealogy chart that indicated they may have a shared ancestry. "People weren't good spellers back then," says the copywriter. Meanwhile, at the new Integrated Marketing Services unit of D'Arcy's Troy, Mich., office, co-creative chiefs Rex Roy and Tom Davidson have learned they were born just days apart in 1962 -- Roy on Oct. 24, Davidson on Oct. 28. "We certainly seem to have a similar demeanor when it comes to managing people. We're both pretty laid back," says the son of Ross Roy, who founded the Detroit shop of the same name in 1926.

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