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Charlotte Beers is among several high-profile women photographed for a spring fashion feature in the March issue of Town & Country. The Hearst magazine helpfully lists the items the J. Walter Thompson Co. chairman is wearing, from jacket to heels, and gives their prices. Ring it up for a total of $4,275. Beers also appeared in Town & Country in 1993, while she was holding the top spot at JWT's WPP sib Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide.

Wieden axes `&,' opts for `+'

The admeisters at Wieden AND Kennedy up in Portland are connecting themselves in a new way -- specifically by booting the agency moniker's 17-year-old ampersand in favor of a plus sign. The change has nothing to do with the fact that co-founder David F. Kennedy retired in 1993, although he shows up regularly at the office and continues to work on the American Indian College Fund account. Rather, it's all about the symbolism of the plus sign, showing that an agency is about relationships, and an agency adds things to a client's business. "When you think about an ampersand, there is a tendency to think very yin and yang," says Todd Waterbury, CD in charge of the change. "You think salt and pepper, and up and down. It creates a sense of completion." The plus sign will be located on stationery at the far right to give "the idea of what comes after what comes with this," he says. Besides, Waterbury adds, Wieden + Kennedy just moved into a new building shaped in quads, just like a plus sign.

Feted and feisty at L.A. adclub

The three leaders recently feted at a Los Angeles Advertising Agencies Association black-tie dinner all showed their deep delight at the honor. Dave Park made a $50,000 donation to the club's minority training program on behalf of his shop, DDB Worldwide. Joe Phelps, who's also a drummer, led Phelps Group employees in a performance. And Kowloon Wholesale Seafood Co. principal Dick Sittig brought his entire family on stage -- sister, niece and nephew, aunt and uncle, mother and, yes, even a grass-covered coffin purportedly containing his late father. Sittig feigned disgrace when he learned he was the creative leader only of the year, and not the millennium. After all, Adages notes, Sittig is the creator and voice of Jack the clown-head CEO character in Jack in the Box ads. But he took some comfort in being only the creative leader of the entire West: "Out of all the heavy ad guys in Arizona and New Mexico, I can pretty much kick their ass."

Bates creates its own career daze

Remember those old-fashioned career days in high school? This week Bates New York staffers may feel a little bit of nostalgia when the agency holds its own kind of fair. The first Bates Resources Day is designed to show off the various areas of expertise within the company. Each group -- including Healthworld, Bates Churchill Investor Relations, Interactive, Bates Travel & Tourism, Bates Miami and Bates Churchill Public Relations -- will put on presentations throughout the day. Bates staffers can meander from room to room. Adages wonders if the travel & tourism talk will be as popular as the old career day's professional athletes and TV reporters.

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