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Revlon's new relationship with Hearst Magazines has lasted about as long as one of Ronald Perelman's marriages. Revlon ads appeared again in Hearst January and February books, after a five-year absence, but have disappeared again. Revlon and Hearst weren't commenting, but other magazine execs said Perelman, Revlon's chairman, objected to giving Hearst President Cathie Black credit for sweet-talking him back. Perelman originally pulled Revlon's ads from Hearst in August 1994, after Esquire published an unflattering piece about Patricia Duff, then his girlfriend, later wife and now third ex-wife. The magazines better be nice to Ellen Barkin, now in line to be Mrs. Perelman No. 4.

P&G smells

something fishy

You may remember P&G last year began fending off rumors that its Febreze fabric refresher kills pets. Now, Reckitt & Colman, marketer of Resolve's fabric refresher, is offering Febreze consumers Checkout Coupons entitling them to free bottles of Resolve and bearing the intriguing ad claim "Safe for use in homes with dogs and cats." A P&G spokesman acknowledges "there are a couple of ways you could look at that." Clorox FreshCare is in on the act, too, dropping an FSI Jan. 9 with the claim "safe to use in households with pets."

Ford's media

keeps moving

Ford Motor Co.'s move of some $100 million in media from mags to the Net last year is apparently just the start of a bigger movement. "The enormous hue and cry when we moved the money about six months ago is just a taste of things to come," said Ford's Jim Schroer, global marketing VP, speaking at last week's Automotive News World Congress in Detroit. He cited the growing influence of the 80 million-strong echo boomers, who don't consume mass media.

Riding away from

AOL Time Warner

AOL SchmAOL, sounded like a better deal to Sports Illustrated Senior Editor Kevin Cook. The magazine editor who's been doubling as an online talk show host of "The Sky Box" on decided to join the Web site fulltime after the magazine told him he had to choose between the two. "Sports Illustrated and I were good for each other, but the magazine is older than I am," Cook said. "You can put it on Road Runner cable and AOL, but it's not going to change much; changes every minute, it's a better ride."

Creative crimes

& misdemeanors

Is creativity a crime in California? The Orange County adclub solicitation for the 2000 Addy Awards came wrapped in a brown paper bag and offers ways to avoid the old "pay and pray" way of winning over judges, suggesting instead such colorful antics as kidnapping, blackmail or just plain old-fashion physical threats. Produced by Lawrence, Mayo & Ponder, Newport Beach, the pamphlet also offers tips for beating restraining orders, and the dos and don'ts of ransom notes.

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