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First they staked out some grassy real estate in the Easter basket. Then they moved to the Christmas stocking and trick or treat bag. Next February, they'll hit Valentine's Day, as Marshmallow Peeps morph into a new heart shape. "There are four real key candy holidays -- Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter. The introduction of Peeps Hearts now gives us a presence in all four," says John Kerr, group product mgr. of seasonal products at Peeps purveyor Just Born Inc. Family-owned Just Born is also on the expansion track geographically. Next Easter, Peeps make their first overseas forays as the marshmallow chicks and bunnies land in Australia, New Zealand and the U.K. Peeps will get a TV spot in New Zealand, the same commercial Griffin Bacal, New York, created for the U.S. That spot, unveiled last Easter, was Peeps' first-ever advertising.

What he really wants is to direct

Veteran comm. dir. Robin Raj, creative dir. at new San Francisco shop Collaborate, approached his latest cam-paign with some trepidation. The actor to be directed: renowned director Francis Coppola, in a spot for online luggage retailer eBags. "He took direction well," said Mr. Raj, but the "Godfather" auteur did seem to show some concern when faced with his body double.

The Devils made her do it

NJ Gov. Christine Todd Whitman takes on a new post as spokesfan in a new ticket-selling radio spot for the New Jersey Devils, from BBDO Worldwide, NY. The hockey buff governor calls the luckiest NJ visitors "the ones that get knocked into a piece of Plexiglas like a bug hitting a tractor-trailer windshield at 120 miles," referring, of course, to teams who get pounded, crushed and destroyed by the N.J. Devils at the Meadowlands.

But do you have time to chew?

Gotta rush? Gotta run? Too busy to read this? Well Breakaway Foods has pushed the envelope for portable convenience foods with the introduction of new IncrEdibles, cylindrical push-up versions of easy meals. Touted to consumers as the ultimate in ease -- requiring only 2-minute microwaving, no utensils and no mess -- the frozen mini-meals roll out this month to convenience stores and cafeterias from New Jersey to Virginia, with point-of-purchase materials urging consumers to "Push 'n eat." You can choose from Macaroni & Cheese With Broccoli, Chili Mac and Scrambled Eggs With Cheese & Sausage among others. Bon appetit!

Bacardi times rum for Y2K appeal

Bacardi Global Brands marks the turn-of-the-century marketing madness with a $750 bottle of sherry-finished rum. Bacardi even boasts better spelling skills than other Y2K-crazed marketers by using the required two L's and two N's for its brand, simply called Millennium. The 8-year-old offering will be a limited issue of 3,000 bottles, with no ads planned. (Maybe it's because Bacardi is in the midst of a review that started in the spring?)

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