Ads On Bikes Uglify Hawaii

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Forgive me, Hawaii. I always stereotyped you as the kind of laid-back place where everything was cool and the word "copacetic" was used liberally. I had no idea how much hard work and persnickety law writing it took to make it that way.

When Mark Bell pops one of his Schwinns into a bike rack and locks it up, he may just be breaking Hawaii's anti-billboard law all because he was clever enough to sell $125 worth of 8.5" x 11" ad space on the front of said bike. Okay, so maybe's he's got a whole army of these bikes and maybe he leaves the bikes locked up in high-pedestrian traffic areas for long periods of time. He's not obscuring the palm trees, is he?

Bob Loy of the Outdoor Circle, talking to, guesses that Bell's cleverness doesn't jive with Hawaii's own sense of copaceticness. "Inappropriate ads clutter the environment and they lower the quality of life for everybody in Hawaii," Loy said. "It's vehicle advertising, which was prohibited by the state legislature last year. Bicycles are vehicles. That's a bicycle, its sole purpose is for advertising."

Ah, c'mon Hawaii! Can't you give the underdog entreprenuer a break?
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