Ads Say Men Don't Like Large Women

Brazilian Yogurt Maker Is the Anti-Dove

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A Brazilian yogurt marketer is using large women in its ads. But it's certainly not promoting a big-is-beautiful message. According to NewsVine blogger Thura, the ads, from Salles Chemistri, Sao Paulo, substitute heavy women in sexy (if skanky) movie roles. The translation of the tagline reads: "Forget about it. Men's preference will never change. Fit Light Yogurt."

I don't know anything about reaction in Brazil, international home of the string bikini and plastic surgery, but stateside, large ladies are ... well, some are upset, but they're also making a damn fine point about advertising.

Mo Pie over at Big Fat Deal points out that the ads "would be a brilliant, pro-fat idea ... except the point is, it's supposed to make you feel like you're not sexy enough to be naked and covered with rose petals, because you are fat. So you'd better eat some diet yogurt! ... If the message weren't so fatphobic, the pictures would be subversively empowering."

I hadn't considered that the ads, which seem so Anti-Dove could, with a simple tweak, be construed as a celebration. Then again, I'm one of those piggish dudes (not quite as bad as Richard Roeper, but I won't be winning any prizes from NOW any time soon), so I don't much think about these things. Melissa McEwan, however, does think about these things and she says of the above photo: "I wouldn't mind looking like that woman at all -- and it's not because I'm a fat girl, but because that girl is sexy."

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